Rosacea is an infection of the skin which usually appears on the face and tends to get worse if it's left untreated. Even though, rosacea is an incurable illness, there are special treatments which alleviate the symptoms and keep them under control. The treatments are particular for each of the four main forms of rosacea, even though the symptoms tend to improve in less than a month, the desirable results occur in about two months.

To begin with, one of the most common form of rosacea it is known as Papulopustular, which isn't considered as a very serious strain of the infection, unlike the other forms. Symptoms usually include tiny pustules and also flushing, thin marks on the face, especially on the cheeks. For this form of rosacea the treatment consists of antibiotics and ointments.

Secondly, rosacea can affect the eyes, in an Ocular form which may cause a great discomfort. The eyes become red and irritated, the eyelids usually swell and in serious cases, the vision may be impaired somewhat. The most appropriate treatment for severe eye infections are the antibiotics and in early stages, patients are usually prescribed ointments.

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Thirdly, another form of rosacea is Erythematotelangiectatic. It appears as thin, red lines on the face which usually cause a burning sensation and pain. In this case, the physician may prescribe oral medication, such as antibiotics which sometimes are associated with certain ointments. However, if the treatment doesn't offer an effective resolution to this strain of the Rosacea, then laser therapy may help in reducing the red lines on the skin.

Furthermore, there is another form of rosacea called Phymatous. In this case the symptoms include thick, bumpy skin and large pores. Phymatous usually occurs on the nose, chin, forehead, ears and eyelids and appears as pimples and visible blood veins. The treatment for this form of rosacea usually includes isotretinoin, a medicine which has best results in the early stages of rosacea. But for the more severe forms it has been suggested that having laser surgery or rhinophyma action taken, in order to reshape the nose.

All in all, people should be careful in choosing their foods, products and activities in order to avoid the occurrence of rosacea. Once they notice the symptoms of rosacea, they should seek for medical advice at the soonest opportunity.

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